Branding Solutions

JuiceBar Branding

Grow your brand’s awareness

Your brand is far more than your name and logo; it is the sum of how the public perceives your company. Your brand needs to be seen as trustworthy, forward-thinking and beneficial to customers and the community.

You want to connect your brand with items that foster positive optics. Attaching your brand to JuiceBar’s dependable, American-made EV chargers is a fantastic way to improve brand awareness as the EV infrastructure continues to grow.

By attaching your brand to a JuiceBar charger, you are showing people you care about the environment, care about American jobs and care about your community’s future.

JuiceBar Branding Options

JuiceBar has several options for branding your EV charger. Our designers work with you to fit your logo or an approved logo we create in-house to make your charger stylish and unique. JuiceBar charger vinyl wraps are UV and weather-resistant, so they are designed to last in any condition.

Existing Logo Overlay

JuiceBar will place a logo you provide at the center of the faceplate for uniformed company awareness or civic heraldry. A light gray or white background will be used with JuiceBar branding in the lower-left corner behind your logo.

Full Overlay

The logo you provide will be a more prominent motif covering the entire faceplate. Our experts will work with you to help your existing design appropriately fit within this larger space.

Branded Mock Up