Case STudy

Alterra Residential Complex


Alterra, is a modern, high-end luxury apartment complex located in Rocky Hill, CT. Alterra provides deluxe amenities and an eco-conscious living experience for its residents. Amenities for Alterra include a clubhouse, loaner bikes, a cyber café, a dog washing station, a resort-inspired pool and free EV charging. Alterra is more than just a place to live, Alterra is a community.


The goal was to provide a highly visible charging experience for the residents of Alterra, keeping true to the Eco-Conscious living and supporting the adoption of electric vehicles. Alterra aimed to deliver a premium EV charging station that would visually complement the beautifully designed residential complex. Alterra planned on offering the charging as a free amenity for a limited time during the opening months, with the future option of collecting revenue for EV charging with the JuiceBar Point of Sale System that also provides access control and full reporting functionality.


JuiceBar recommended adding a JuiceBar Double EV charging station with a communication system, and to design the unit with a full-size Alterra logo, creating a billboard of sustainability for the Alterra brand. Each JuiceBar Double EV charging station includes 1-Level 2 Charger and 2-Level 1 Charging Connection Points, and can charge up to 3 cars simultaneously. The simultaneous charging capabilities coupled with its durable weatherproof enclosure, iconic design and LED illuminated JuiceBar logo, would create a lasting impression and would align perfectly with the objectives of Alterra, to provide more than just an amenity – to deliver an experience. The BMW DesignWorks designed and highly visible premium EV charging station delivered on the goal of visually complimenting the modern residential complex. The free charging capabilities of the JuiceBar EV charging station would attribute to Alterra’s commitment to creating a residential experience that is “good for the residents and good for the planet”.


A highly visible JuiceBar Double EV charging station was added to the outdoor space to support the EV drivers and added to the overall ambiance of the new modern residential complex. Alterra held a “flip the switch event” to unveil the fully branded electric vehicle charging station to the public. The charging station unveiling garnered unbelievable press for Alterra as local government officials as well as several news stations covered the grand opening. This unique form of advertising created free press and enhanced Alterra’s image of providing an eco-conscious living to both current and future residents.