The Wellness and Gateway parking garages in New Brunswick supports retail, grocery, theater, residential and the courthouse, it is a mixed use facility.  They are also adjacent to a commuter rail service station. The New Brunswick Parking Authority with their strong commitment to the local environment wanted to provide publicly available charging stations. Their hope was to encourage EV drivers to come to New Brunswick and to of course support sustainable initiatives.


To install enough charging stations to charge 12 vehicles simultaneously.  It was also important for the NBPA to be able to monitor and report on electricity usage.  While the charging was to be offered free when someone pays to park, they wanted to have the option to charge by credit card in the future.


Our proposal was to install 3 of our JuiceBar Quad charging stations with a point of sale system.  This would give the NBPA a total of 12 charging points, each Quad has two level 2 chargers & 2 level 1 chargers, a total of 4 charging points per unit. The Point of Sale device includes energy use reporting & the credit card payment system can be turned on or off as needed for the future.


The 3 JuiceBar Quad Chargers provided 6 level 2 charging ports and 6 level 1 charging ports.  Installation charges were reduced because they were able to install 3 instead of 6 separate charging stations, yet still have the desired number of charging ports.  The installation was successfully completed in July of 2013. The units were nicely customized with the NBPA logo, and were a welcome addition to their sustainability initiatives’ while adding to the electric vehicle infrastructure, which is so important to encouraging the use of EV’s. The units support EV’s from people who visit, work and live in the area.

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