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Chargers for Healthcare Facilities

An increasing number of hospitals, medical centers and specialty health clinics are focused on preventive healthcare. Many facilities are exploring EV charging stations as a new way to represent a commitment to decreasing air pollution, which can lead to serious health hazards and higher medical costs for many people in their community.

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Doctor, Staff and Family Convenience

Superior Charger Experience

Many people come in and out of hospitals, medical centers and clinics every day. Most staff are on site for long hours and consider the hospital their second home, especially doctors, making charging stations very convenient.

For medical professionals frequently “on call” or people visiting for a lengthy period, having a charging station at work ensures their vehicle is always topped off and ready to go at a moment’s notice.




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Seamlessly Integrate Our Chargers at Your Healthcare Facility

Turnkey Installation

JuiceBar chargers arrive at client locations fully assembled, commissioned on the network of your choice and ready to install. There is no costly or complicated onsite assembly required.

Our experts walk you through the entire process, from site planning to incentive submissions. JuiceBar will make installing your charging station fast, simple and smart.




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Full Charger Management

JuiceBar makes managing your EV charging stations simple by ensuring you have all vital charger information in one place.

Monitor power consumption and carbon offsets while coordinating with parking management and billing systems. Our experts make sure the daily management of your EV chargers is easy and profitable.



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Get Your Green Building Rating

LEED for Healthcare

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) introduced LEED for Healthcare, its latest green building rating system. A LEED-certified healthcare facility shows that building investors focus on occupants’ comfort, health and wellbeing.

Installing JuiceBar EV charging stations at your facility assists in obtaining LEED certification. Tracking all your facility’s green actions is crucial for LEED projects, and JuiceBar’s networked stations can measure consumption and offer data for assessment.



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Promote Clean Air

EV charging stations provide an opportunity for facilities to prove their devotion to enhancing and maintaining public health. by reducing carbon emissions.

Branding Opportunities

JuiceBar's bespoke branding options remind employees and visitors of your green leadership as soon as they park their car.

Rugged Reliability

JuiceBar manufactures its chargers from durable materials that work in the harshest weather conditions. Our software monitors your charging station to detect issues, and customer support teams are always available.

Fast Chargers

Choose the 32-, 40-, 48- or 80-amp charging stations so your customers can quickly get their cars back on the road and open chargers for new visitors.

Safe Chargers

All JuiceBar chargers have unique dual safety relays, patented cable management systems and an integrated internal breaker. Dual safety relays eliminate arcing; the patented cable management system prevents cable damage and tripping.

Superior Experience

JuiceBar charging stations are monitored to instantly detect issues, and customer support is always available for critical response and resolution.

Charger Network Flexibility

JuiceBar chargers are OCPP compliant and allow property owners to choose their own network.

Support Sustainability

Beginning 2022, JuiceBar will offset the carbon footprint from electricity usage with 100% certified carbon reduction projects.

Made in the USA

Each JuiceBar charging station is manufactured and assembled in the USA and are is certified to UL standards.

Let’s get started.

Make sure your healthcare facility is fully charged for EV drivers.

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