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Charging Stations for Hotels and Resorts

The number of EV drivers is expected to rise by 27% in 2026, and providing EV charging stations at your hotel or resort will have these guests choose your location over your competitors’ businesses.

Hotels and resorts with charging stations have the additional benefit of updating their image to a more environmentally friendly brand. EV chargers can also be used as a separate revenue stream, especially if the number of chargers is limited in your area.


Proudly made in the USA

Supporting Long Distance Vacations

JuiceBar recognizes that with each destination facility, there is a unique set of needs that have to be met. Whether it is a national or state park, amusement park, sports stadium or arena, entertainment facility like a movie theater, resort, casino or any other type of destination, our knowledgeable staff will work with you to develop a strategy to fit your needs.

In return, you will be able to satisfy the needs of your guests and customers. Eliminate any stress or anxiety your guests might feel because they wonder where they will get their next charge. When you install a Juice Bar charging station, you can list your charging unit on a searchable directory where prospective guests will find you and visit you, secure in the knowledge that they will have enough juice for the trip back home.



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Seamlessly Integrate Our Chargers at Your Location

Turnkey Installation Gets You Up and Running Fast

JuiceBar chargers arrive at client locations fully assembled, commissioned on the network of your choice and ready to install. There is no costly and complicated onsite assembly required.

JuiceBar’s experienced team will help you identify available rebates, determine the ideal number of charging stations and get you attracting EV drivers to your venue faster than other companies.




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We Make the Management of Your Charger Simple

Superior Charger Management

Your guests can track all charging information via mobile devices with a user-friendly smart app, and our chargers offer RFID integration to simplify guest access. Our chargers also ensure hotel management has easy access to all vital information on a cloud-based app, including complete data on power consumption.



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Unique Guest Experience

Services like the JuiceBar charging station exceed guest expectations. In contrast to many options, our charging stations are reliable, sturdy and intuitive. They generate a positive and lasting impression which translates into improved online reviews and more business. It also attracts new customers that drive electric vehicles: Just a few extra visitors to your destination will more than cover the cost of your Juice Bar charging stations. Add to that the goodwill generated by your commitment to the environment, and your sustainable investment will turn into a profitable one.



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Make A Brand Statement

We know it is important that adding this amenity fits in with the overall appearance of your property. Our JuiceBar charging stations offer you a place to display your brand, advertise an upcoming event or any recreational amenities of your destination. Consider it a form of unique brand promotion. If you choose to use a model that charges for the use of the charging station, there are opportunities to offer customer rewards and loyalty points. It is your choice how you put your JuiceBar to work for you.



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Attract New Guests

Attract EV drivers who plan all trips around hotels and resorts that offer charging stations as an amenity.

Cater to High Value Guests

EV drivers are more likely to spend more money on spa services, food and drink, room services, and other hotel extras.

Drive New Revenue

The fees that drivers pay in exchange for charging can generate additional revenue for your hotel.

Fast Chargers

Choose the 32-, 40-, 48- or 80-amp charging stations so your customers can quickly get their cars back on the road and open chargers for new visitors.

Safe Chargers

All JuiceBar chargers have unique dual safety relays, patented cable management systems and an integrated internal breaker. Dual safety relays eliminate arcing; the patented cable management system prevents cable damage and tripping.

Rugged Reliability

JuiceBar manufactures its chargers from durable materials that work in the harshest weather conditions. Our software monitors your charging station to detect issues, and customer support teams are always available.

Network Flexibility

OCPP compliant software provides network flexibility to future-proof your chargers. Software upgrades are done remotely for seamless performance.

Support Sustainability

Beginning 2022, JuiceBar will offset the carbon footprint from electricity usage with 100% certified carbon reduction projects.

Made in the USA

Each JuiceBar charging station is manufactured and assembled in the USA and are is certified to UL standards.

Let’s get started.

Make sure your property is fully charged for EV drivers.

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