Gen 3 level 2
EV Charger

Designed to accommodate the growing demands of mass-market EV adoption.   JuiceBar’s COMMERCIAL GRADEGen 3 Series provides the safest and most reliable EV charging experience on the market.

Gen 3 Level 2 Commercial-Grade EV Chargers

Manufactured and Assembled in the U.S.A

Gen 3: 32 AMPS

Gen 3: 40 AMPS

Gen 3: 48 AMPS

Gen 3: 80 AMPS






Charging Speed @ 240V

Up to 30 miles/hour 

Up to 38 miles/hour 

Up to 45 miles/hour 

Up to 76 miles/hour 

Required Breaker Size

40A per port

50A per port

60A per port

100A per port

Cord Length

18 feet (standard)

18 feet (standard)

18 feet (standard)

9 feet (standard)


Mount Standard

Mount Standard

Mount Standard



1 Year Standard (3 and 5 Year Extended Warranties Available)

1 Year Standard (3 and 5 Year Extended Warranties Available)

1 Year Standard (3 and 5 Year Extended Warranties Available)

1 Year Standard (3 and 5 Year Extended Warranties Available)

Energy Star


32A Spec Sheet

40A Spec Sheet

48A Spec Sheet

80A Spec Sheet

Standard Gen 3 Features

Highlighted Features

JuiceBar EV chargers feature redundant electrical relays, patented cable management system to avoid tripping hazards, and a simple and fool-proof user interface to help eliminate user errors.
Reliable and Rugged
JuiceBar EV chargers are durable and are made with premium. commercial grade components and stand the test of time and weather. Our top of the line durable J1772 connectors are indestructible.
Seamless Experience
JuiceBar EV chargers offer a seamless experience for both site hosts and drivers. They are delivered pre-assembled, pre-commissioned and can be installed in as little as 30 min by a certified installer.

External features

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Cord Management System
Ratcheted system to allow drivers to easily pull the connector to their vehicle and ratchet in place so that it doesn't cause unnecessary wear and tear on the vehicle's charging inlet, then, when complete, simply give it a tug and it will retract back into it's housing - similar to a seatbelt mechanism.
Charger Cord Exit
The cord easily goes back into it's holster when not in use to protect it from dirt, rain, snow, or wear and tear from being thrown on the ground)
Brandable Front Panel
Easily opens to the side to allow for ease of maintenance & install, and can be co- or custom branded to match your property's aesthetic
Charger Connector
Top of the line durable J1772 connector (standard for all L2 charging) standard 18ft length (32,40,48a station)
Charger Cord
Connects the station to the J1772 plug that provides electricity to the vehicle. 18 ft. standard cord for 32, 40 and 48 amp chargers an 9 ft for 80 amp chargers.
Aluminum Type 3R Enclosure
Tough/commercial grade, and will protect against incidental contact, falling dirt, light splash, rain, snow, sleet.
LED Charger Status Indicators & RFID Sensor
So you know what the charger is doing (blue=charging, Green=available, re=fault, on the respective side of the charger) and RFID scanner in case someone doesn't want to use thier phone to start a session
Pedestal Mount Accessory
Aluminum, commercial heavy duty grade, very thick and above snow plow level to avoid damage to body of charger if stricken

Our commercial EV chargers also qualify for charging incentives nationwide and provide unbeatable value to property owners, enabling them to efficiently reach their sustainability goals.


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