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Municipality EV Chargers

Providing easy access to EV charging stations throughout communities highlights green energy leadership and sets one community apart from another. As more and more residents and employees of local businesses upgrade to electric vehicles, choosing the best EV charging stations will become even more important to local towns and cities.

Adding reliable EV chargers where people work and live attracts new businesses and home buyers. As a site host for EV charging stations, your priorities will include providing access to the safest chargers that are reliable and operational in any weather.

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We Make Installation and Maintenance an Easy Process

Simple Charger Installation and Maintenance

JuiceBar knows that maintaining your charging stations is key to managing a successful EV charging infrastructure in your community. JuiceBar chargers come assembled when shipped and are easy to install and maintain.

JuiceBar will consult and guide buyers through a cost-effective transition to EV charging solutions.



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Budget and Fleet Considerations

JuiceBar recognizes that federal, state and local town governments, as well as military bases, have budgetary restrictions that make the low maintenance costs of electric vehicles attractive. Sufficient charging is essential for vehicle fleets. Our electric vehicle charging stations are an excellent choice for both fleet management parking lots serving the general public.

The JuiceBar Quad with 4 charging connection ports allows 4 vehicles to charge simultaneously while saving costly installation expenses, representing a win-win for budgetary and fleet considerations.



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Improve Community Air Control

The savings from the reduction of fuel use with fleet vehicles will more than cover the costs of the EV charging station and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Expenditures for public charging stations are offset by charging a fee for the use of the station, creating a sustainable model for federal, state and local government bodies. Let JuiceBar help solve your charging needs as you support your initiatives to increase the use of alternative fuels and reduce the consumption of costly fossil fuels.



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Fast Chargers

Choose JuiceBar’s 48- or 80-amp charger for quick charging that helps get your electric vehicles back on the road faster than with competitors’ chargers.

Rugged Reliability

JuiceBar chargers are made from rugged materials that withstand extreme weather conditions. Our highly dependable chargers are Made in America from premium components and construction.

Simple to Use

Our chargers are easy to use for all EV drivers. Users can reserve charging time and monitor their charging progress from smart phones or tablets.

Safe Chargers

All JuiceBar chargers have unique dual safety relays and an integrated internal breaker, making them the safest on the market to protect your employees and vehicles.

Superior Experience

Software upgrades can be done remotely. Charging stations are monitored to instantly detect issues. Customer support is always available for business critical response and resolution.

Charger Network Flexibility

JuiceBar chargers are OCPP compliant and allow property owners to choose their own network.

Support Sustainability

Beginning 2022 JuiceBar will offset the carbon footprint from electricity usage with 100% certified carbon reduction projects.

Attract Visitors

Attract visitors to your community by providing parking spots with EV charging stations. Residents and employees can charge their EVs while shopping and dining.

Made in the USA

All JuiceBar charging station are made and assembled in the USA and certified to UL standards.

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