Open-Protocol (OCPP) Approach

JuiceBar has an Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) approach, which means a customer who chooses JuiceBar hardware is able to connect the station to any validated network platform for communication between the EV charging station and the validated central station management system. Customers are free to select their network of choice prior to installation, and can work with JuiceBar to change networks after installation for any reason.

The current trend for EV charging buyers is to move away from aligning themselves with proprietary networks which limit their flexibility and the ability to future-proof their chargers. These companies do not offer OCPP hardware compatibility.

JuiceBar complies with OCPP standards and partners with a broad spectrum of network providers which allows customers to choose the networks that offer the features that they need such as particular use cases, and developing new API’s and integrations for chargers to access the latest technology, and which can be updated remotely. If our customers want to change networks, they can easily do so without having to purchase new EV chargers.

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