Cheetah Residential Charge

Residential EV Charger

Cheetah Starts Running In 2022

The Fastest Residential Charger

The Cheetah,
powered by JuiceBar

JuiceBar’s home charger, the Cheetah, combines the speed and unparalleled reliability of our commercial chargers with a smart interface that will impress every EV driver. The Cheetah will be made in the USA, just like our commercial chargers.


The Cheetah will be compatible with all EV models. The home version will be available in 32, 40, and 48-amp configurations and will include dual safety relays, a smart mobile app, and a 3-year warranty. Options include an extra-long 25-foot cord and a cord retractor.


Made in the USA

All Cheetah EV chargers are made and assembled in the USA and are certified to UL standards.

Cable Management

The 25-foot cords are kept off the ground with an optional cord retractor, eliminating the risk of tripping and arcing.


Dual safety relays ensure energy is only dispensed when the Cheetah is actively charging.


32, 40 and 48 AMP options are available to meet all charging speeds.


The cheetah is built to outrun, outlast and outperform any Level 2 residential charger.

App Control

An app for all smartphones allows you to adjust charging schedules and monitor charging status.