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Chargers for Your Retail Location

A growing number of EV drivers are creating demand for charging stations, presenting opportunities for retailers to attract customers who want to charge their electric vehicles while shopping or dining.

To meet customers’ charging needs, retailers can bill for the use of the charging stations and link access to their brand’s loyalty program. Retailers can also offer charging as an employee benefit.

To promote your brand, you have the option of including your charging station location on charging station maps and network apps.

As a site host for EV charging stations, priorities include providing access to safe chargers that are reliable, fast and operational in any weather.

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Charger Management

JuiceBar experts ensure that the daily management of EV charging stations is simple by providing easy access to vital charger information.

Quick access to data like power consumption, EV station oversite and revenue reports optimizes the management of your charging stations.




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Extend Dwell Times in your Stores

Elevate your customers’ shopping center trip from a simple convenience to a premium experience. Offering shoppers the opportunity to charge their vehicle while shopping and dining will extend their dwell time in your stores, and in return, they will spend more money in stores, restaurants and parking. Our JuiceBar units will provide you with a valuable marketing tool by presenting your customers with a superior charging experience.




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Get a Competitive Edge over other Facilities

At JuiceBar, we help you develop a plan that fits the needs of your customers and facility. Our unique design provides advertising through customized JuiceBar wraps, and offering tenants fees to advertise or sponsor a JuiceBar charger will more than pay for the unit itself.

Providing your customers with convenient access to a premium electric vehicle charging station combined with our unique JuiceBar experience adds value to your property, giving you a competitive edge over other facilities.

If you choose to use a model that charges fees, there are opportunities to offer customer rewards and loyalty points that promote repeat business.

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Turnkey Installation Gets You Up and Running Fast

JuiceBar knows that maintaining your chargers is key to managing successful EV charging stations.

JuiceBar chargers come to clients fully assembled, commissioned on the network of your choice, and ready to install. There is no costly and complicated onsite assembly required. We offer lower maintenance costs due to Made in America premium components and construction.



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Smart App Management

Customers can conveniently reserve an EV parking spot and track charging information on their smart devices.

Attract Customers

EV drivers frequent destinations where they can park and charge their vehicles. You attract new shoppers by offering a premium EV charging service.

New Revenue Generation

JuiceBar chargers offer a new revenue stream by allowing you to set charging rates with shoppers.

Rugged Reliability

JuiceBar chargers are made with durable materials that withstand extreme weather conditions. Our highly dependable chargers are Made in America with premium components and construction.

Safe Chargers

All JuiceBar chargers have unique dual safety relays, patented cable management systems and an integrated internal breaker. Dual safety relays eliminate arcing; the patented cable management system prevents cable damage and tripping.

Superior Experience

JuiceBar charging stations are monitored to instantly detect issues, and customer support is always available for critical response and resolution.

Charger Network Flexibility

JuiceBar chargers are OCPP compliant and allow property owners to choose their own network.

Support Sustainability

Beginning 2022, JuiceBar will offset the carbon footprint from electricity usage with 100% certified carbon reduction projects.

Made in the USA

Each JuiceBar charging station is manufactured and assembled in the USA and certified to UL standards.

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Make sure your property is fully charged and ready for EV drivers.

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