Senator Murphy Visits Leading US-Made EV Charger Manufacturer JuiceBar in Connecticut

August 25, 2021

OXFORD, Conn., Aug. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) toured Connecticut-based EV charger manufacturer JuiceBar on Tuesday and hailed the company’s decision to build a Made in America product with over 70% of its components made in the United States.

“JuiceBar is leading the country as the only manufacturer of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations made and assembled in the U.S. I was glad to tour their facilities and learn about their mission to help build a sustainable future – and I’m going to keep pushing for more federal funding for EV infrastructure. Teddy Roosevelt became the first American president to publicly ride in an automobile when he drove through Hartford in an electric car 119 years ago. JuiceBar’s work will make sure that EVs are a part of not only Connecticut’s past but also our future,” said Murphy.

“We were honored to host Senator Murphy at our facility,” said JuiceBar CEO Paul Vosper. “We take great pride in being a Made in America manufacturer of the world’s fastest, safest, and most reliable commercial EV charging stations.”

With the rapid increase in electric vehicle sales and growing demand for EV charging stations, JuiceBar has tripled its workforce in the state over the past year and anticipates creating at least 100 more engineering and advanced manufacturing jobs in Connecticut by 2023.

The federal Infrastructure Bill, which passed the House on the same day as Murphy’s tour, calls for $7.5 billion in charging infrastructure to be installed over the next 5 years as well as millions allocated for the purchase of EV school buses and other fleet vehicles. JuiceBar recently announced that its charging stations meet Made in America provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

“Senator Murphy’s support for federal investment in infrastructure will likely create the largest manufacturing boom in over a hundred years and will accelerate the transition to a low carbon transportation sector, critical to address pollution and climate change,” added Vosper.

“Building American jobs has helped us avoid the supply chain problems of many of our competitors,” Vosper said. “We can deliver our chargers within two to three weeks of an order in contrast to delays of 6 months or more with other manufacturers who source their components abroad.”

About JuiceBar
JuiceBar is a pioneer in EV charging. Since 2009 when its first charger was deployed at the Denver Airport, its chargers can be found in over 200 cities in North America. JuiceBar chargers are manufactured in America and come with a money-back guarantee in addition to its standard warranties. Its Level 2 chargers deliver charging speeds that are 60 to 250-percent faster than the industry’s standard chargers and include unique safety features and open communications architecture that allows customers to connect to the network of their choice. To learn more visit:

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