Trade Up

Our Trade Up Program

JuiceBar is so confident in the speed, quality and durability of our EV chargers over competitor units that we are offering a Trade Up program. Rather than enduring time-consuming and expensive upgrades to your current chargers, JuiceBar wants you to Trade Up to a faster, safer, more reliable charger.

Trade Up To A Fast, Safe And Reliable JuiceBar Charger

Benefits When You Trade Up

  • Get a $1,000 rebate for every JuiceBar charger you purchase when upgrading from any other brand.


  • The Trade Up program applies to both working and non-working units.


  • JuiceBar chargers are guaranteed to work for 10 years on the 4G network.


  • All JuiceBar chargers use an open protocol system. This system allows you to use the default network or a separate network of your choice.


  • JuiceBar builds its standard application programming interface (API) for all commonly used systems.