JuiceBar Webinars

Connected & Resilient Communities

Our latest webinar focused on the emergence of electrified technologies and how the integration and interoperability of these technologies create building blocks for Smart Communities. The panel addressed how holistic infrastructure planning is critical to ultimate project success to delivering socio economic uplift, workforce development, and reaching long-term sustainability goals. Utilizing an integrated solution, new systems must be managed accordingly and must be flexible, safe, and connected to meet the serious demands of addressing Climate Change or the demanding environments of disaster response and mobility needs of Smart Communities, big or small.

Advantages of Made in the USA in the EV Market

JuiceBar is in a unique position to maintain our competitiveness while offering answers to supply chain problems because we meet the Made in America standards. This webinar discussed the push for EV adoption, how the current administration is contributing to the development of the American Electric Grid, and what each of us can do to contribute.

OCPP: A Closer Look

This webinar examined Open Charging Point Protocol and the advantages of OCPP Network Flexibility. EV charging stations are complicated systems that frequently come in two parts: the charging station itself and a central management system that controls the voltage, output, and a variety of other variables depending on the system. These two components may be manufactured by a variety of vendors, some of whom may just provide the station or management system. To make charging stations work with different suppliers’ management systems, you’ll need an application protocol that transforms whatever proprietary tools each program uses into a format that the others can recognize. The purpose of OCPP is to make it possible for various EV charging stations to connect with various central management systems.

The End of 3G and Its Effect on Your EV Charger

This webinar answered the most critical questions regarding the end of 3G and its effect on EV chargers. How big is this issue? What are the options for obsolete EV chargers? How did some EV charger companies prepare for this issue?

EV Smart Charging

The future of EV charging lies in smart charging. The more electric vehicles on the road, the more smart charging is needed as this technology becomes an important functionality when incorporating EV charging into your company’s business model. This webinar discussed: Today’s Challenges in public EV charging infrastructure, Types of charging stations networks, What is OCPP, Benefits of OCPP, Clustering Effect Use Cases For Various Businesses

Destination Charging: What Is It and Why Is It Important for Your Business

As more and more motorists convert to EVs, they are becoming more and more interested in the availability of EV charging stations at locations where they frequently stop and shop for extended periods of time, and this interest frequently affects their destination decisions. This webinar focused on: What is destination charging?, Advantages of destination pricing, How to decide whether adding EV charging stations is crucial for your clientele and business.

Building a Corporate Sustainability Strategy with EV Charging

Does your business think Smart when it comes to sustainability? This webinar explained the importance of having a corporate sustainability strategy and how EV chargers can support your business goals and sustainability mission.

Building A Smarter Fleet with EV

Transforming fleets into EV fleets is a critical objective for many businesses. This webinar installment focused on the the importance of integrating EV charging into Fleet operations and how businesses can build a sustainable infrastructure. Topics Included: Factors to Consider When Choosing to Go EV, Benefits of a SMART EV Fleets and The Future of EV Fleet.

e-Mobility and The Future of Parking Facilities

This webinar focused on the rise in EV adoption and how parking facilities can future-proof their operations. Topics Included: Why and how parking garages need to get on the EV charging roadmap, JuiceBar solutions for parking garages, Future of parking e-Mobility.