EV Charging

JuiceBar is your one-stop shop for all EV charging needs, including hardware, software, and service.

With our Level 2 commercial-grade EV chargers, exclusive SMART software, and a network of Field Service Providers (FSP), we can seamlessly transform any property into an e-mobility destination.

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Top Reasons Businesses Install EV Chargers On Their Property

one-stop shop for all EV charging needs

JuiceBar chargers are Made In USA and Buy America Compliant! Our commercial-grade materials and state-of-the-art technology offers dependability, top-of-the-line safety features, charging speeds up to 80 amps, network flexibility, fully personalized branding, Energy Star certification, and come pre-assembled and pre-commissioned.
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JuiceBar offers our own SMART network enabling property owners and EV drivers to activate power and mobility when using a JuiceBar charger. Our platform allows for ultimate choice and control and offers flexible user and pricing options, scalability, security, reporting, real-time issue detection, and a seamless driver charging experience.
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Our ServiceBar simplifies the complexities of EV charging installation and maintenance. Our coast-to-coast network of certified JuiceBar Field Service Providers (FSPs) offers comprehensive site surveys, site planning & make-ready, station installation & validation, station activation, and ongoing maintenance & repair.
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The EV Industry at a Glance

Over 1.5 Million EVs On The Roads,​ and Growing!

To promote growth and convenience, improving the charging infrastructure is essential for maintaining EV adoption in areas where people live, work, and play.


Our commercial EV chargers also qualify for charging incentives nationwide and provide unbeatable value to property owners, enabling them to efficiently reach their sustainability goals.


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our clients serve a wide range of driver’s needs for convenient and
reliable EV charging stations.