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JuiceBar is your one-stop shop for all EV charging needs, including hardware, software, and service.

With our Level 2 commercial-grade EV chargers, exclusive SMART software, and a network of Field Service Providers (FSP), we can seamlessly transform any property into an e-mobility destination.

How SMART EV Charging Helps Your Business

Sync all JuiceBar chargers onto one network regardless of public/private, free or for fee etc.


Monetize usage based on various charging models


Authorize users to charge their car with seamless driver interface.


Reporting at your fingertips.


Trust your chargers on our network.


activateEV Features


Complete control over your network

  • Operations & Troubleshooting
  • Access Rules and Visibility
  • User Management
  • Payments & Billing
  • Smart Energy Management
  • Reporting & Analytics



Flexible pricing options

Define your EV charging pricing per kWh, per duration, or time of day. Organize prices based on the type of customer: individual, fleet or private or public, even at the same location.

  • kWh fees
  • Minute fees
  • Connection fees
  • Parking penalty fees
  • Time of day pricing
  • Discounts
  • Restrictions


Increase efficiency with full network control

Remotely manage charging sessions, unlock cables, set charging profiles and update the firmware to acquire new functionalities and features.

scalable & secure

Maximum scalability & security

Easily manage the numerous chargers in your network. Using a scalable cloud architecture solution allows you to provide high availability and zero downtime for your users.


Cut costs and increase network reliability

With real-time issue detection and automated fault-recovery algorithms, your charging stations can be up and operational within minutes without the need for on-site maintenance.

data driven

Make data-driven decisions

activateEV’s platform provides you with clear and structured insights so that you can make informed decisions.

View chargers, manage users, track RFID tags, see reports and much more.

Benefit from detailed overview, real-time dashboards, and extensive analytics and reporting.


Access benefits smarter

All chargers installed under incentive programs need to be connected to a management platform and provide specific functionalities.

activateEV’s charging platform enables you to meet various requirements for all types of incentives, grants, rebates for OCPP-enabled chargers.

activateEV covers all features for Smart Control, Data Communication Protocol and Cyber Security.


Seamless driver experience

Our mobile applications ensure a seamless experience for drivers at your charging stations.

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