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Proudly Made in the USA

“We take great pride in being a Made in America manufacturer of fast, safe and reliable commercial EV charging stations.”– Paul Vosper, CEO JuiceBar

When JuiceBar started production, we knew we needed to develop, manufacture and assemble our EV chargers in the United States. Creating well-paying industrial jobs for American workers while promoting job growth in the US were two primary goals for JuiceBar.

Along with the positive impact JuiceBar makes to the economy and renewable energy infrastructure, our customers receive several benefits from made-in America JuiceBar chargers.

Proudly made in the USA

Faster Shipping

Manufacturing and assembling our charging stations in the USA gives us direct control of our supply chain.




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Exceptionally Built EV Chargers

We develop and build our chargers with rugged materials that withstand extreme weather conditions. We stand behind each unit with our standard warranty because our highly reliable charging stations are Made in America with premium components and construction and certified to UL standards.




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Superior Customer Service

JuiceBar customer service is based in the United States, allowing us to respond fast should there be an issue. The software continuously monitors JuiceBar charging stations to instantly detect issues, and customer support is always available for critical response and resolution.


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Highest Safety Standards

JuiceBar develops and builds all chargers with the highest US safety criteria, including GFCI protection and adherence to IEC standards. We also designed our own safety additions, such as our unique dual safety relays, an integrated internal breaker and a patented cable management system to avoid the risk of cable damage and tripping.




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JuiceBar directly ties its commitment to sustaining the environment with our manufacturing and assembly process. We are part of the US clean energy initiative by building American-made EV charging stations that help drive the conversion to electric vehicles. JuiceBar continues its environmental responsibility by offsetting the carbon footprint produced by electricity usage of its chargers with 100% certified carbon reduction projects.





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