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EV Charging for Corporate Offices

Empowering Productivity with Clean Energy

By investing in EV charging infrastructure, offices can demonstrate their leadership in the transition to clean energy and support the growth of EVs in their community.

Offices that provide convenient and accessible charging options can attract and retain environmentally conscious employees, as well as improve overall employee satisfaction. The installation of EV charging stations can also demonstrate the office’s commitment to sustainability,  enhancing its reputation and attracting customers and clients who share the same values.

Top Reasons Corporate Offices Install EV Chargers On Their Property

Why Choose JuiceBar?

Integrated EV Solution
JuiceBar is your one-stop shop for all EV charging needs, including commercial-grade EV chargers, Software and Service.
Made In USA
Our EV chargers are 100% Made in the USA and Buy America Compliant, a growing requirement for most government and fleet contracts.
Industry Leading Performance
Our chargers offer dependability, durability, top-of-the line safety features, charging speeds up to 80 amps, SMART networking and custom branding.
Customer Support
We take pride in providing the industry's highest level of customer service and support from our US-based customer support team.

How SMART EV Charging Helps Your Business

Sync all JuiceBar chargers onto one network regardless of public/private, free or for fee etc.

Monetize usage based on various charging models.



Authorize users to charge their car with seamless driver interface.


Reporting at your fingertips.

Trust your chargers on our network.

Our commercial EV chargers also qualify for charging incentives nationwide and provide unbeatable value to property owners, enabling them to efficiently reach their sustainability goals.