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brandable EV Charging

Transform Your Property Into A Branded Destination for EV Drivers

EV charging provides more than just a service; it also enhances the reputation of your company. By branding your charger, your company can offer a tangible and visible representation of its sustainability goals and values, as well as an opportunity to interact with customers, and promote your brand in a unique manner.

Meet Your Business's Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Goals

juiceBar branded wraps are made of
uV & weather resistant vinyl.

Option 1

Full Overlay

The entire front faceplate of the JuiceBar charger prominently features your brand. You have the option of using one of our designers or designing it yourself.

Option 2

Existing Logo Overlay

The JuiceBar charger front faceplate will feature your logo in the middle and JuiceBar branding in the lower-left corner.