Case STudy

777 Main Parking


777 Main is a parking facility located in the heart of downtown Hartford. This parking facility serves parkers that visit and work in the city.  Open 24 hours, with restaurants, entertainment and the train station nearby.  It offers both outdoor and indoor parking.


The parking facility was looking to install electric vehicle charging stations both at the indoor and outdoor parking areas.  Management wanted to be able to charge several cars simultaneously, especially since they already had customers that were looking to charge their electric vehicles.  They wished to take advantage of the CT DEEP funding that was available for electric vehicle charging stations.


3 JuiceBar Quads were installed, 2 units outdoors and 1 unit indoors giving them a total of 10 charging ports.  This allowed for enough charging ports for patrons that already have electric vehicles and for those new customers that would choose their parking facility so they can charge their cars. Installing JuiceBar charging stations provided a premium amenity for their customers, and the convenience of being able to charge their cars while they work, eat travel or shop.


The parking facility is very pleased with the success of the installation of the JuiceBar charging stations.  Customers both new and existing use the chargers and it isn’t unusual to drive by and see a line of cars all charging at the same time.  JuiceBar staff assisted them in applying for the CT DEEP funding, which they were successful in obtaining.  This funding helped offset the cost of the equipment and installation.  Not only has it added to the value of the parking facility but it has provided their customers with a premium charging experience as an amenity, and the convenience of coming back to a charged vehicle.