Case STudy

Mount Sinai Medical Center


Mount Sinai Hospital is one of the top-ranked hospitals in the country, which is committed to accomplishing their goals in a sustainable manner.  They are concerned with creating a healthier environment for both staff & patients.  The Mt. Sinai Facility VP approached the parking facility manager, Standard Parking, about adding EV Charging Stations to support employees, patients and visitors that drive electric cars and park at their facility. The management reached out to JuiceBar thanks to our proven customer service at their One World Trade Center Facility.


The facility’s goal was to be able to charge up to 4 cars and plan for enough power to install an additional 5 units, as the need would grow.  Specifically, they wanted to be sure that the units could also charge a Tesla and a BMW Active E that belonged to employees. There was an absolute deadline of 5 weeks for delivery and installation.


Our recommendation was to install one of our JuiceBar charging stations right away to meet the 5-week deadline and install a transformer to accommodate installing additional JuiceBar Charging Stations in the future.  The JuiceBar charger provides two Level 2 charging ports & two level 1 charging ports which meet their needs to charge 4 cars simultaneously.


A JuiceBar staff member was on site the next day to do a comprehensive site survey.  The JuiceBar was delivered 4 weeks later.  A collaborative effort between Mt. Sinai marketing and JuiceBar resulted in a branding vinyl skin that accentuated the hospital’s commitment to the environment.  JuiceBar outperformed all expectations, both the Tesla & the BMW are charging on a regular basis, the employees are happy, and as the hospital’s needs grow 5 more chargers can be added.