Case STudy

Stanford Court Hotel


Stanford Court is a luxury boutique hotel located on the trendy Nob Hill in San Francisco, California. The hotel caters to the tech-savvy and eco-conscious traveler with their sustainable practices and progressive free amenities including organic locally roasted coffee, super high-speed Wi-Fi, as well as MacBooks and Ipads for guest use. Wandering around the hotel you can find “#hashtag” inspired décor to further fuel the tech culture that thrives in San Francisco. The ambiance at the Stanford Court in San Francisco exudes modern invention meets creativity.


The General Manager (GM) of Stanford Court, Michael Baier, had previously been the Hotel Manager of Parc55 in San Francisco that already had a JuiceBar electric vehicle (EV) charging station installed. He wanted to implement the same premium charging experience for the guests of Stanford Court while upholding the beauty and charm of the boutique hotel. Ideally, the electric vehicle charging station would be able to charge more than one car at a time.


JuiceBar recommended adding a JuiceBar Quad EV charging station and to design the unit with a full-size image, creating a billboard of sustainability and a lasting impression. The Quad EV charging station offers two level two chargers and four level one charging connections, with the ability to charge multiple cars simultaneously. The simultaneous charging capabilities coupled with its durable weatherproof enclosure, iconic design and LED illuminated JuiceBar logo, would create a lasting impression and would align perfectly with the trendy Nob Hill neighborhood and seamlessly with the high-end and innovative ambiance of the hotel.


Stanford Court added a premium highly visible JuiceBar Quad electric vehicle charging station. Keeping true to the hotels’ theme of all things innovative, creative, inventive and modern, the EV charging station was branded with a fully designed Frankenstein image and the hashtag #ITLIVES and is located at the valet area of the hotel. They offer free premium EV charging for their guests, further adding to the hotels’ sustainable initiatives. Since implementation, the charging station has steadily been attracting the growing market of electric vehicle owners and has received attention from travelers around the globe.