hardware warranty

Standard Warranty

3 Year Extended Warranty

5 Year Extended Warranty

Parts Coverage

1 year for all parts.  

3 years for all parts. 

5 years for all parts. 

Labor and Installation Coverage

  • “Factory labor” only – i.e. for parts shipped to JuiceBar and work performed in JuiceBar facility
  • Does NOT include labor for services performed at customer site
  • Does NOT include costs of travel to customer site for JuiceBar personnel

Up to 38 miles/hour 

Up to 45 miles/hour 

Shipping and Insurance
  • Customer bears cost of shipping and insuring shipment of defective parts back to JuiceBar.
  • JuiceBar bears cost of shipping replacement parts or station to customer.
  • Once replacement is received, all defective stations/parts not returned within 45 days will be billed to the client.

50A per port

60A per port

Warranty Start 

Date of delivery

18 feet (standard)

18 feet (standard)

Branded Skins
  • Not covered under warranty
  • Replacement branding starts at $200 depending on branding type

Mount Standard

Mount Standard

warranty issue descriptions

Product (Covered)

Station is getting proper power, communication has been verified site items are verified to be setup properly, but station is not functioning as intended

Site/Installation (Not Covered)

  • Incoming Power
    • Breaker is too small for station
      • ie. 32a station w/ 32a breaker – breaker will trip every time a vehicle tries to charge
    • There is only 1 circuit for a dual station


  • Cellular
    • Inadequate cellular reception
    • Repeater is not functioning as intended


  • Ethernet
    • Firewall is blocking station from communicating
    • Station is not white listed with ISP
    • Only 1 ethernet line is installed
    • Daisy chaining of stations