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As 3G service begins to shutdown, JuiceBar is offering a ‘Trade Up Program’ to replace other companies’ dated EV chargers with 4G models

North American charging network JuiceBar is looking to expand its footprint of 4G EV chargers by swooping in to replace 3G models that will soon become obsolete. Through its new “Trade Up Program,” JuiceBar is looking to replace its competitors by offering a rebate and 10-year guarantee for customers who switch to its 4G chargers.

JuiceBar is an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) supplier and North American charging network based in Hartford, Connecticut. Since being founded in 2009, the company has worked to promote sustainability by providing a premium charging experience for its customers.

A key feature in JuiceBar’s network strategy is to offer marketing opportunities for vendors on the EV chargers themselves. Per it’s website:

The idea of providing a choice to brand and advertise on the actual charging stations and the ability to accommodate new technologies provides a lucrative option to vendors wanting to add an experience for their consumers. In turn, creating a premium ‘juicing’ experience will advance the demand for electric vehicles.

JuiceBar’s latest model is its Gen 3 4G charger, which comes at an opportune time given impending 3G cellular rollbacks that may soon affect commercial EV chargers. North American cellular providers have all announced end dates for their 3G service.

AT&T’s shutdown will occur next month, while T-Mobile shared it will finish shutting down Sprint’s 3G CDMA network by March 31, 2022. Its own network will follow on July 1, while Verizon will be the last to discontinue 3G service on December 31 of this year.

Depending on which network North American 3G chargers are on, they may soon be completely obsolete. JuiceBar has recognized this issue and looks to capitalize on it with its latest news.

3G EV chargers
JuiceBar’s EV chargers along with some of its vendor marketing examples / Source: JuiceBar

Incentivizing new customers to replace their 3G EV chargers

JuiceBar shared details of what it is calling its Trade Up Program with hopes to garner some new customers using other networks, whose 3G EV chargers will soon become inactive. JuiceBar CEO Paul Vosper spoke to the situation:

Owners of EV charging stations are rightfully anxious that their 3G-connected chargers will become obsolete and lose functionality soon. Our customers will be unaffected as we use the 4G network on our chargers. While the shutdown of 3G has been known for quite some time, the continued use of 3G modems leaves those site hosts in a bind.

Beginning immediately, JuiceBar’s Trade Up Program is an option available to any owners of affected 3G-connected EV chargers. In return for replacing competitor units with JuiceBar’s US-made, 4G LTE CatM1 chargers, customers will receive a $1,000 rebate and JuiceBar’s 10-year product guarantee. Vosper continued:

Competitors are charging owners thousands of dollars to upgrade their obsolete 3G chargers to 4G connectivity. This industry has advanced very quickly in recent years in areas like safety, reliability, open network protocols like OCPP, and V2G and V2B technologies that are critical to the future of the EV industry. We are providing a smart, future-proof alternative to spending a ton of money upgrading what will still be an outdated 3G EV charger.

JuiceBar claims its 300 Series Gen 3 chargers offer charge times that are 60–250% faster than the industry’s standard Level 2 chargers, as well as unique safety features and OCPP connectivity.

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