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Partnership underscores GEF’s sustainability effort and commitment to building cleaner communities around the world


The Global Esports Federation advances its commitment in sustainability in the journey toward a net-zero-carbon future through a partnership with JuiceBar as Global Supporter for Sustainable Energy. The agreement will see JuiceBar deploying its cutting-edge technology in EV charging infrastructure across cities where GEF will host its global esports events, including the flagship Global Esports Games beginning 2021. JuiceBar has been leading the Electric Vehicle (EV) charger rEVolution since 2009.

“The partnership with JuiceBar underscores the Global Esports Federation’s commitment to contribute to building sustainable communities worldwide, aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, including our commitment to the use of affordable and clean energy and in taking actions to combat climate change and its impacts,”

“It is imperative – as a global organization pursuing our goal to elevate esports worldwide – that we prioritize the impacts of our activities on the communities we partner with. We are committed to build a better, cleaner world and a more sustainable future for all,” said Chris Chan, President, Global Esports Federation.

“JuiceBar is honored to partner with the Global Esports Federation to develop sustainable custom solutions in the adoption of green mobility where the GEF’s global esports events will take place,” said Paul Vosper, President and CEO, JuiceBar.

“We look forward to offering our expertise and in deploying EV charging infrastructure in world cities that sustains the environment for future generations, fulfilling our collective purpose to help create positive, enduring change for the world.”

The Global Esports Games, like other major events have the potential to be a catalyst for social and environmental change, driving sustainable development across host cities. As the world intensifies conversations around the use of clean and renewable energy, the introduction of EV charging infrastructure at GEF’s events paves the way to fast-track awareness and mass adoption of green mobility for a greener and more sustainable future.

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