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Made in America manufacturer offers incentives to replace old electric vehicle chargers in bold move to quickly upgrade America’s EV charging infrastructure

NORWALK, Conn., August 18, 2021 /Globe Newswire/ — A U.S. manufacturer of EV charging stations today announced a program that will credit $1,000 for every old charger that is exchanged for one of the company’s new chargers. The offering is a first for the EV charger industry and follows its recent news that JuiceBar Announces Industry’s First 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

“JuiceBar has built the world’s fastest, safest, and most reliable EV charger and we are determined to help accelerate the expansion of EV infrastructure,” said Paul Vosper, CEO of JuiceBar. “Our new ‘Trade Up’ program is simply the next logical step in our quest to achieve that mission.”

Unlike most chargers available in North America, JuiceBar chargers are made and assembled in the United States, with over 70% of the chargers composed of US-manufactured components.

“The owners of both EVs and EV charging stations must have confidence in the quality and reliability of America’s charging equipment for the industry to thrive,” Vosper added. “Replacing broken or outdated units made overseas with higher-quality American-made JuiceBar chargers will restore that confidence.”

Vosper said that the Company’s US-built model permits it to deliver chargers within three weeks of an order, “not six to nine months as with many of our competitors.”

Under the Trade Up program, owners or site hosts may trade-in any used EV charger, working or non-working, to receive the credit.

We want to help our customers trade up to the fastest technology on the market,” Vosper said. “Out 40, 48 and 80 amp chargers are 60% to 250% faster than the standard chargers on the street.”

Vosper explained that all JuiceBar chargers have two charging cables that can charge two cars simultaneously.

JuiceBar is a pioneer in EV charging. Since 2009 when its first charger was deployed at the Denver Airport, its chargers can be found in over 200 cities in North America. JuiceBar chargers are manufactured in America and come with a money-back guarantee in addition to its standard warranties. Its Level 2 chargers deliver charging speeds that are 60 to 250-percent faster than the industry’s standard chargers, include unique safety features, and open communications architecture that allow customers to connect to the network of their choice. To learn more visit:



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