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Gyre9, a product design and development firm has completed the design, engineering, and manufacturing of Phase I of the Gen 3 Series of electric vehicle (EV) chargers for Hartford, Connecticut-based JuiceBar, according to Co-Founder and Chief Engineering Officer Ed Gilchrest.

Gilchrest explains, “President and CEO Paul Vosper and Executive Chairman Jeff Mayer assumed leadership of JuiceBar in 2018 and immediately invested in new product development. They brought in Gyre9, initially, to help on some development areas for their Gen 3 EV charging unit. Since that time, we have acted in a number of manufacturing capacities for the JuiceBar team.”

Vosper adds, “The Gyre9 team is exceptionally talented and knew almost instinctively what we were trying to achieve. They successfully manufactured our product by taking our concepts and bringing them to life to help create a best-in-class EV charger with unique and meaningful enhancements to the industry standard.”

Gyre9 was tasked to engineer and implement unique design features for the Gen 3 Series. “We helped design unique features such as a retractable cord storage system, an internal electoral module, and other systems to make the product superior in the market. Our manufacturing arm is producing thousands of units for installation all over the country,” according to Gilchrest.


JuiceBar has been leading the EV Charger rEVolution since 2009 and is committed to building a global EV charging infrastructure that sustains the environment for future generations. Our chargers are deployed across >100 cities in the United States and Canada and are manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A. Our recently launched Gen 3 chargers are 60% faster than the industry’s standard Level 2 charger, offer unique safety features, and provide choice of communication network. We are recognized for our technology, elegant and resilient charger designs with custom branding, a superior user experience, and our ability to consult and guide buyers through a cost-effective transition to e-mobility solutions.

About Gyre9
Gyre9 is a product development company focused on the research, design, and engineering of complete market ready solutions. Our skilled team of Industrial Designers, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineers are equipped to manage every stage of the process. Integrating with an internal team or working independently, we provide support from inception through sourcing and production. We have structured our product development process so that thought provoking solutions flow freely from concept to breadboard to the market. Our goal is to continuously provide our clients with patentable, marketable, and more profitable designs. We strive for innovation that can define new product segments. For more information:

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